Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laptop Sleeve

I got the idea for this laptop sleeve after seeing something similar in Country Living or some such magazine.  They listed the company's website and I immediately looked it up online.  It cost $38 plus shipping and handling.  Well, I still wanted one but not for $45.

So I did what any other crafty mom would do, I made my own.  I used a cotton/poly print for the outside and faux sherpa to pad and line and the inside.  I didn't have a pattern but figured since it was basically an envelope design, I wouldn't need one.  I just measured the length and width of my lap and added enough of an allowance to accommodate the extra thickness of the faux shearpa. (Maybe one of these days, I'll make another one and post a tutorial.)  I also added a little pocket to hold a mouse or a CD.  I used some Velcro I had on hand (bought on clearance for a pittance) to make a closure for the sleeve. 

My total cost for the whole project was about $10 in materials and a couple of hours time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The feeling of accomplishment afterwards?   Priceless!!

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